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Argh! Networking is a necessary evil of selling online it seems! Whilst I really enjoy discovering new people and learning about their crafts, heck I even like getting to know the supremely talented sellers who put my stuff to shame, I really don't enjoy the other aspects of getting my work "out there". Trawling around promoting your products whilst keeping on the right side of the likes of Facebook and Google, to name a few, is hard work. You could almost do it full time, which is fine, but when then do you make the products you're trying so hard to sell!


I've been playing a lot with polymer clay recently culminating in a project I'm really quite proud of - but can't fully post about yet because the recipient hasn't seen it! Polymer clay has been one of my staple crafty go to's since I was little. I used to spend hours playing with it, making jewellery and ornaments for friends and family. Somehow though, as I got older, I drifted away from it and certainly never thought it could be one of those serious craft items that "proper" crafters use! How wrong was I!

Spring has sprung

Spring is most definitely trying to spring around here and the new found sunny warmness is starting to make its way into my new makes. Time to set aside the warm winter reds and golds and bring in some new fresher colours. This prompted a run to the craft store the other weekend (well that and I had a voucher so it would be rude not to go!) and lots of wonderful goodies are sat waiting  for some new projects. I'll post photos up as soon as I get a chance :-)

Quiet Afternoon

The other day my in-laws unexpectedly decided to drop around and kidnap the child process. Not having planned to have the time to myself I was at a bit of a loss what to do with my free time! I did the usual, a bit of hoovering, some tidying up and then the sewing machine started calling me from across the living room. I'd set it up earlier in the week to work a project with a friend (more about that another day :-)) and whilst routing through my scraps of material I came across a stash I'd put to one side and completely forgotten about.


I've led a fairly sheltered life up until now. Letters were mainly reserved for thank you notes and the odd ramble to my Gran. I'd buy a stamp, stick the letter in the postbox and wonder if I'd get a reply back! These days much of my communication is done via email, or text, or Facebook. The humble letter has taken a back seat and differences over weight, size, bulk confuse me into a state of panic every time I enter the post office! I'll admit, this isn't a great position to be in when you've decided to start selling online!

Product Photography

Ok, so this sounds daft given some of my Etsy listings are photographic in nature but... I have trouble taking photos of my products! There, I've said it! I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to capture their special nature in photographic form :-/ It's something I've been very concious of and I'm now trying to make a special effort to increase their quality.

Teddy Tags

It's been a busy few weeks what with the mayhem that is trying to get everything done during half-term and then the return to work afterwards but I've spent the last few days working on some much needed projects that I could put to the bottom of the list no longer. The first is a second attempt at the clothing labels, I'll blog about these properly very soon. The second is another incarnation of the Teddy Tag...

Cooking Up A Storm

Gosh I don't know where the past couple of weeks have gone, all of a sudden we're at the end of May!

It's around about this time of year that work starts to get really hectic and the past few weeks have been no exception. One of the major projects I've been working on before the half-term break-up I can finally talk about now it's out in the wild!


We've hit that magical time in the child's life where he's now in toddler's and all of I sudden I have to label EVERYTHING! Brilliant!

Last week l decided to have a look around to see what options are available in this field. There are many. I uhmed and ahhhed about buying some from Etsy for a while but the only options I could find were shipping from America meaning they get rather expensive for what they are. Then me, being me decided, I know I'll make my own. l had some left over t-shirt transfer paper and cotton material so it all looked like it should be possible...


I've had quite a creative week this week at work. It's getting to that time of year when teacher's are starting to get a bit of extra time on their hands and have started to look at creating resources for September. It's also brochure time of year. It's fun, I'm enjoying a bit of a break from coding and the Learning Platform and it challenges me in a whole different kind of way. It also made me realise that I rarely talk about this stuff outside of work and certainly never portfolio the work I do. Time to put an end to that!


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